Client: City Radio
Agency: Leo Burnett Athens
Credits: Ioannis Neilas, George Paschalides

Project Description
Series of Prints for the relaunch of City Radio

The ice is breaking
In 200 years the Seaside will have reach Syntagma Square.

Mapa Show
(In Greek, "Mapa" denotes “Of Poor Quality”)

Too many fillings
Red Tape is as stressful as visiting the Dentist.
(In Greek, one word is employed to denote both the words “Filling” and “Stamps”).

Run Loula Run
With such horrible traffic, you re better off on foot.

Do Re Mi Fas
(In Greek, "Mi Fas" denotes "Don't eat'')
Canned Music is hard to eat.

City 99.5fm
Listen to what you are living.